Exceptionally Exclusive – Meet the 2017 E-Class


2017 Mercedes E-Class Performance


Whether you spent time at the top of your class in high school, or hung out comfortably somewhere below, your Mercedes-Benz dealership promises not to judge you either way. With a brand new model year lineup from the name in luxury vehicles, you can ride in style with the title you always knew you deserved. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class has been entirely redesigned, restyled, and re-imagined to fit you perfectly. It’s a lineup of exclusive sedans that we could only dream of in our high school geometry class, which might have something to do with our less than perfect score that year. Rather than sulk over a grade that can’t be changed now, why not turn your efforts to the extraordinary Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Driving to work in a true work of art is a privilege only Mercedes-Benz drivers are privy to.


Defining an Entirely New Class Since 1993


2017 Mercedes E-Class Safety


The E-Class first appeared on the market in 1993, and has been delivering mid-size luxury to the sedan segment ever since. The popularity of the E-Class is second to none within the Mercedes-Benz lineup, and is consistently a best-selling model for the premium automotive brand.

One of the most unique aspects of the E-Class, is that it comes in various body styles. Whether you prefer a two-door sporty coupe, a practical four-door sedan, or the endless adventure that a convertible affords – the E-Class has it all. As a defining component to the brand for over twenty years, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class has been leading its class in future automotive innovation, and continues to do so with the newest 2017 lineup.


The 2017 E-Class is Defining Automotive Innovation


2017 Mercedes E-Class Interior Dash


The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is comprised of three different variations of luxury: the classic sedan, the sporty coupe, and the cabriolet convertible. While all three of these vehicles personifies the brand’s commitment to perfection, the sedan variant is the shining star in the 2017 E-Class lineup. Completely redesigned for this latest model year, every bit of the new E-Class sedan exemplifies the intelligence of automotive engineering. Discover each area in which this is true, by exploring below.

  • Innovative Intelligence: When you first set your eyes upon the brand new 2017 E-Class sedan, the most impressive component is not one you will immediately see. Rather, it takes careful inspection and advanced intel in order to understand what the naked eye is unable to intuit. The inclusion of such advanced automotive technology within the E-Class is so great, we need to delve much deeper in order to understand its unparalleled possibility.
    • Extend Your Five Senses – The 2017 E-Class sedan may not have a human brain, heart, or the benefits that accompany the complexities of what that entails, but the E-Class offers technology that comes as close as it can without requiring actual blood pumping through its veins. Touted as the first car with the ability to cover up your ears in the event of a collision, Mercedes-Benz is looking out for more than just your vital organs. The 2017 E-Class, equipped with PRESAFE® Sound, will emit a “pink noise” through the audio system when it senses an imminent collision. This noise is subtle, but works by triggering a natural defense for your ears against the loud noises associated with an accident.
    • Communication with a Purpose – The 2017 E-Class offers a communication technology so exclusive, that it isn’t just your neighbor who isn’t privy to its power. The Car-to-X Communication system integrated on the 2017 E-Class is a World-first technology – which means only you and other E-Class drivers are able to experience it. The system works by connecting your Mercedes-Benz sedan to a central information resource in order to send you up-to-the-minute information, regarding driving conditions and potential hazards – before you reach them. As an E-Class driver, you are also able to report anything you encounter that you may find useful for other drivers to be aware of.
    • Taking Safety to Another Level – Mercedes-Benz has always put safety first, and that fact is no exception for the 2017 E-Class. Sedans equipped with the PRESAFE® Impulse Side technology prepare your vehicle for an impending collision by inflating the front seat bolster at a rapid rate. This enables you to be further from the point of impact, allowing for a less forceful encounter if a collision does transpire.
    • The Most Advanced Cruise Control…Ever – The 2017 E-Class offers another innovative feature that only the most intuitive vehicles can. DRIVE PILOT is the first intelligent cruise control that offers sideway maneuverability. Keeping up with traffic on all sides, DRIVE PILOT will comfortably guide your E-Class sedan to stay within the lines, even on curvy roadways. With a simple touch of the turn signal indicator, your E-Class will safely change lanes without any other driver input. The beginning of autonomous driving is here, and available on the newest E-Class.


Unlike Any Other Sedan on the Road


2017 Mercedes E-Class Rear


It is obvious that the brand new E-Class offers more intuitive innovation than any other vehicle available in its class. On top of these advanced technologies, Mercedes-Benz incorporates the most advanced interior design and functionality that further give the E-Class its stand-out recognition.

Featuring an unparalleled design that keeps you safer and more connected than ever before, no other vehicle in the luxury sedan market comes close to the 2017 E-Class sedan. The interior of this work of art features two smartphone-esque pads that offer maximum control for the driver, and the intuitive display makes it easy to navigate while safely keeping your eyes on the road. The standard 12.3-inch touchscreen display brings navigation, comfort, and entertainment to the forefront. The easy to use display is the focal point of the E-Class interior, and only serves to accentuate the beauty and attention to detail present throughout the rest of the cabin.

A Mercedes-Benz luxury sedan is not complete without a powerful engine, and the standard 2.0-liter inline turbocharged engine is no exception. Featuring 241 horsepower and 273 lb.-ft. of torque, the newest E-Class shines brilliantly amongst all others in this exclusive segment.

To take the all-new 2017 E-Class for a test drive, come down to your Mercedes-Benz Laguna Niguel dealership today. Discover for yourself why the E-Class is the most intuitive, most luxurious sedan ever crafted by Mercedes-Benz.